WebMedia considers the needs of each client on a case-by-case basis and creates a solution within specific media networks around the advertiser’s brand. Together with an optimization approach, this enables us to achieve the most desirable advertiser goals. Thanks to our exclusive sales agreements with some of the worlds top publishers, we can provide you with fast, simple, high-quality, transparent, strictly controlled and cost-effective media.

Our main value


  • full control and 100% transparency
  • direct connectins with top publishers
  • high fill rate
  • exclusivity
Brand Safety

  • premium media through direct relations, partnering with hundreds of Top publishers
  • brand-safe technology Forensiq
  • partner of AOL Ad Assurance Program
  • manual moderation on each new publisher
Optimization metrics

  • maximum viewability
  • completion rates
  • CTR
  • domains

Our most recent traffic analysis by leading fraud detection and quality
assurance tools Forensiq and IAS.

99.41% Overall Daily IAS Clean Traffic Score

97.81% Clean True URL Traffic ForensiQ


WebMedia inventory

Targeting options

Ad formats

  • In-stream
  • In-banner

  • Preroll
  • Midroll
  • Postroll
  • 300×250

  • Desktop
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

  • VAST
  • JS
General targeting

  • whitelist
  • Geo
  • state
  • city

Increase media reach