What type of ads does WebMedia serve?

We offer display, mobile, desktop video, mobile video units. WebMedia supports JavaScript and iFrame tags as per you request and standard IAB banner formats.

What fill rate can I expect from WebMedia?

The best way to predict the fill rate you can achieve is to consider the quality of your inventory. With quality inventory supplied by owned and operated websites from large market geographies our fill rate is around 99.5%. If you are supplying network inventory, late calls and small market GEO, the fill rate might be lower.

What is the average eCPM I can expect?

Our average eCPM is determined by the quality of traffic you are sending, including GEO, banner formats, transparency. As you know, high quality traffic will earn the highest eCPMs.

What are your strongest GEOs?

English speaking countries (US, UK, CA, AU), Europe (DE, FR, ES, IT, RU)

What are your strongest verticals?

The most important criteria for us is the quality of your traffic and we are pretty good in all verticals. The main ones: News, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, Business & Finance, Women’s Lifestyle, Men’s Lifestyle and Viral

What advertisers can I expect to see with WebMedia?

WebMedia connects your media to the leading direct advertisers, ad networks, trading desks and demand-side platforms to identify the best offer for each impression that will lead to the highest monetization possible. Approximately 30% to 50% of our ads are directly from individual advertisers.

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